Monday, July 04, 2005

Mac Software Rocks!

Microsoft's blogging evangelist, Robert Scoble, posts a list of Windows software that inspires him. He does this in response to an article by Chris Pirillo in which Chris claims that Windows software is uninspiring and boring. After reading the article, though, I'm not sure that Scoble gets it. There's some good software for Windows, but there is also a general feeling that Apple is pulling in a lot of developers who are creating small, lesser known pieces of software that really ROCK. The problem with Scoble's reply is that there aren't very many home users who are going to drop a couple thousand dollars for AutoCAD (which is on his list). At the same time, I was in a work environment where a couple thousand dollars was spent on some Windows software that, while it was effective, was some of the ugliest software I have seen since Windows 3.1. Both of these are extreme cases. The vast majority of all software fits somewhere in between. But Apple has become very successful at getting some awesome software on the Mac platform. Even Microsoft's own Office suite has been touted as being better on the Mac than on Windows (the Project Center, a Mac only feature of Office, is an incredible addition to the suite and puts the Mac version far ahead, IMHO). Looking at the software from the Omni Group is another example that neither Chris nor Robert considers, and they are a Mac-only software company. The result? Pirillo is right. There is some great software out there for Windows, but there's also a ton of losers. The Mac isn't plagued with nearly the percentage of losers. In general, software on Windows is a yawner, software on the Mac ROCKS!