Tuesday, July 19, 2005

More Mac Coolness

The MacDevCenter at O'Reilly introduced me to a feature that I hadn't seen anything about. Preview has long been the .pdf viewer in Mac OS X. It is much lighter and faster than Adobe Reader. I haven't used Adobe Reader on my Mac in years, and I have no plans to start. Preview is just sooo much faster. Well, it turns out that Tiger has introduced a new feature to Preview. Image Editing.

"Image Editing in a .pdf reader?!?," you ask in an astonished tone of voice.

Yes, it is true. Preview has always been an image viewer as well as a .pdf reader, but I've always just moved pics into iPhoto and worked with them there. Now that Preview has some image editing capabilities (I'm still astonished, just as you are!), that isn't necessary for pics that I don't want to keep long term.