Tuesday, August 02, 2005

New Apple Mouse

Ok, lots of companies make computer mice, so what's the big deal? Apple has actually released a multi-button mouse! Apple has been known for it's unwillingness to make a mouse with more than one button. Now, they have broken with their own tradition and released a mouse with four buttons. Of course, it really doesn't look much different that their previous one-button mice. The only noticeable change is the little scroll "ball" on the top. Apple uses touch sensitive technology instead of actual buttons, giving the mouse the sleek look that people are used to seeing with an Apple mouse. My understanding is that the touch sensitive technology allows users to scroll simply by running their fingers over the top of the mouse. This scrolling is only up-down, left-right, but the tiny scroll ball allows 360 degree scrolling as well.

If I was interested in buying a mouse, this would definitely be the winner. I've been avoiding mouse usage as much as possible for a long time because, well, I hate using mice. I much prefer a scroll ball. This gives the best of both worlds. With four buttons at my finger tips, this will do everything that my current logitech scroll ball does.

Oh, did I mention that its compatible with Windows?