Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sitting in Pittsburgh

I was on my way to a NeighborWorks training in Washington DC when my flight was diverted to Pittsburgh for a medical situation. Apparently a stewardess fell ill and a doctor on the flight recommended we land. The plane was then short-staffed and we are waiting for another steward/stewardess to come in to Pittsburgh so we can take off again. The Pittsburgh Airport is first-class. Excellent restaurant choices from fast food to sit down, with wireless access in the food court area. As I'm sitting here typing a thunderstorm has moved in, so time will tell when we are actually able to fly out of here. There aren't any planes landing or taking off, so if our new steward/stewardess was supposed to fly in, they won't be flying in for a while.

Tomorrow I'm supposed to meet up with Jack, who I don't think I've seen since he was an usher in our wedding. He's active at Cedar Ridge Community Church, the home of Pastor Brian McLaren. I'm looking forward to worshipping there and spending time with Jack and Kim, including some time with their small group Sunday night. If only I can get to DC...