Wednesday, September 21, 2005

2 Down, 1 To Go

Apart from Labor Day, we are spending our Monday nights in September traveling into the suburbs for our adoption orientation. This means that we've finished two out of the three orientation sessions. I have to confess that its been pretty hard on me simply in terms of lack of sleep. Starting out a week by being out until almost midnight is never easy. Add to the first week the fact that I had classes to teach on Tuesday and Wednesday, and there was some serious family deprivation. This week I'm trying to get ready for a quiz in my statistics class. I've decided that statistics is much harder online than in person...of course, I've never really taken it in person, but doing it online is very tough. I've seriously thought about dropping it, but I'm too far into the semester at this point (I checked). This is one I just get to work my way through.

The adoption sessions are going very well. After we finish these, we'll have to do a second set of classes that are specific to transracial adoption, specifically for adopting African-American children. For our first adoption we went through the first set of classes, but not the second because they weren't offered at that time. For our second adoption we went through the second set of classes, but not the first because Baby Boy came along a bit too quickly. This time we're hoping to go through both sets. Our second adoption was so fast and sudden that we really didn't have time to process the process, so to speak. We're hoping to move a bit slower this time around so that we're better prepared emotionally. Of course, this means that we're also a bit more willing to turn down adoption opportunities if we don't feel like we're prepared. We've done that a couple of times this summer. Hopefully we won't have to do that again. That is a very tough decision to make, but its one we feel like we have to make this time around simply for our own good.