Saturday, January 28, 2006

Been a while

Not only have I been slowing down in my posting to the blog, but I've been slow in reading the blogs I follow. This weekend isn't helping much either! We've been on the go all day, and tomorrow will be much of the same. My most recent computer build hasn't exactly been taking off. There seems to be something amiss. When I tried reinstalling the old motherboard, the power supply seems to have died. All in all, a bit frustrating. My first two builds were a piece of cake. Fortunately power supplies can be pretty inexpensive, and given my computer use (running Folding software), its not that important that I get a high end power supply. I basically need to power a motherboard and a hard drive. Everything else is optional. Anyway, finding a bit of time to troubleshoot hasn't been easy. I grab 15-20 minutes here and there.

Next week we travel in to the suburbs for the first part of our adoption home study. The idea in taking this semester off of school was to focus on adoption and testing stuff. I'm actually starting to move forward on one of those fronts. I still need to schedule a time for my GRE and a certification test for work. I'm not quite sure how much effort I should put into the GRE as I did quite well on it my first time around (10 years ago), and I'm feeling like I'm a bit smarter this time through after having gotten a second bachelors degree and started graduate level work. I'm also not too worried about it as I have straight A's in the grad classes so far (one class a semester is much easier than taking a load!), so even a moderately good showing should get me into the program without too much trouble.

Hope you're getting a bit more time to breathe than I've had lately! I'll try to do better this week on the posting front.