Monday, January 02, 2006

Mac OS X is the Best

InfoWorld has announced their Tech of the Year awards, and the best operating system does not go to Windows (that's really not a surprise) or to Linux. At both the client and server levels, it goes to Apple's Mac OS X! Of course, IT departments around the world still won't touch Mac OS X because they've got a great relationship with the Dell representative, er, I mean they like the freedom to choose Dell, er, I mean they like the excuse of saying they prefer the sense of freedom that they get when they call Dell. Well, what they really say is that they like the freedom to choose their vendor, though that usually means Dell. Personally, I haven't figured that one out. Dell's always feel and act like they are the cheapest computers made, especially when compared to Macs. Oh well, I guess that's what happens when you like to use corporate money to buy new computers every few years. Say, what happens to all those Dells, anyway? Seems like they could be put to use Folding, eh?