Friday, January 06, 2006

Technology and the Amish

I've seen links to this article in a few places. has an interesting look into how the Amish decide what technologies can be allowed and how. We were surprised a number of years ago when we visited Lancaster County, PA, by how many of the Amish had some form of modernity in their businesses. One of the little shops we stopped in was attached to the house. There were electric lights and an electric cash register. There was a phone booth out by the street.

So, if we were to take the time to think through technology as the Amish have, what would we do differently? I have become very willing to let my answering machine take care of phone calls. Sitting at the dinner table should be about being focused on my family, not on the phone ringing. Its a fascinating, though long (by modern, internet standards) article, but well worth the read.