Monday, January 24, 2005

iPhoto Class

While I was hanging out at the Michigan Avenue Apple Store today, they announced that they were about to begin an iPhoto class in the second floor theater. I decided to take advantage of it and hang out there. WOW, that was awesome. It is unbelievable to me that iPhoto is so amazing and so cheap/free!! I can't wait for our Mac mini to appear so I can start using this newest version of the world's easiest photo organizer. The new version allows sorting, not only by name, but by title, roll (grouped with other photos downloaded at the same time), and more. Not only that, but it now allows nested albums in the side bar, meaning that I can hide some of my albums within folders for less clutter.

I truly believe that iPhoto is a hidden gem in Apple's camp. This is the software that convinced my sister-in-law that they needed a Mac. Folks in my office are always amazed at how simple and powerful iPhoto is. And now I know how to use it even better! I know it isn't a great editor (though the new version really does much better with that), but that's not what it is designed to be. I was really blown away by the class today!