Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Mac mini Accessories

So, here's the question. What accessories do you think they will come out with for the Mac mini. Here's my list of what I expect or want to see:

Bluetooth Trackball-OK, admittedly, I hate using a mouse, regardless of how many buttons it has, so I was thrilled to learn that MacMice will be releasing a Bluetooth trackball in April! Now I just have to decide if the $80+ is something I want to spend my money on.

Monitor mini-I don't know where this will come from, but I can't imagine it will take long for someone to put out a cheap 12" portable monitor with a hard case for transporting it. The Mac mini is ideally suited to be both a desktop and a portable, so you know someone's going to come out with this.

Hinged Keyboard-Again playing on the portability theme. Take an ergonomic keyboard and fold it in half, and yeah, I'd lose the number pad too, makes it too long. Ideally it will also be Bluetooth, making the portability even better.

Hey, these three things alone make the Mac mini a fully functioning portable computer! Now all that's needed is:

Mac mini Case-This is to the Mac mini what a laptop bag is to a laptop. A simple carrying case designed to protect your Mac mini (and monitor, keyboard and trackball) while you transport it back and forth to work, or on trips, or where ever.

mini Car Monitors-These monitors are attached to the headrest of the front seat of a vehicle so that the kids or adults in the back seat can watch a DVD on the mini.

Mac mini Battery Pack-This battery pack will plug into the Mac mini's power port and allow the mini to be used sans outlet. Battery mileage will vary. Recharger will be friendly with both 120v outlets and 12v car ports.

OK, there's my quick and dirty list of Mac mini accessories that we can expect to see. Anything I missed (of course there is)?