Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Microsoft MapPoint Technology

So, you're planning a trip to Norway and you decide to tap into the vast knowledge of Microsoft as you are planning your trip. On the third day of your trip, you are going to head a bit north, but stay within the country, so you do this:
1) Go to http://mappoint.msn.com/DirectionsFind.aspx
2) Under "Start," next to the "Address in" radio button, select Norway, under city enter "Haugesund"
3) Under "End," select Norway, and under city enter "Trondheim"
4) Click the "Get Directions" button.

Now how confident are you in Microsoft technology? Too bad they don't make submarines...ok, on second thought, it's a good thing they don't make submarines. :)

I saw this at MacDailyNews last week and I meant to blog it then. You can check out all the anti-Microsoft laughs here.