Friday, February 04, 2005

Why Isn't Everyone On a Mac?

That is a portion of the title of an editorial article on It is a very straight forward look at the differences between Macs and Windows computers. If you are sensitive to foul language, don't read it (it's far from the worst I've seen but you've been warned). I could pretty much identify with the article, though, having spent my ENTIRE day dealing with two computer problems (one of them will carry over to next week, though that's not a big deal, it's been going on for months and no one seems to know what to think). The most time comsuming of the day, though, was dealing with a computer virus. Now, lest you think that the computer was improperly set up, it was scheduled to run virus updates nightly and Windows updates regularly. The problem? The various people who used it would shut it off when they left the office, thus the computer never got its updates. One thing led to another and pretty soon I was reinstalling Windows only to find that the virus was still there because Microsoft thinks that its a good idea to keep a "system restore" file hanging around. That means that if you got rid of a virus, you probably haven't gotten rid of it. Redmond, we have a problem...and you're it.

Weird, I don't run any antivirus on my Macs and I've never had to configure a firewall either. My Mac at work hasn't been shut off since early December, that's right, it's been running 24/7 for TWO months without a shut down or restart. Today it smoked an HP with a "much faster processor" in opening the same file. The difference was measurable, and that was in simply opening something up! Thank you Apple!

Oh, one other note, the article references a challenge that was offered several years ago. The hacker(s) who could break into a specific company's unprotected Mac server and alter the homepage of the challenge would get $13,000. After the two months were up, the company still had the $13,000 in their bank account. And people think hackers go after Microsoft because there are more users.