Thursday, March 24, 2005

Fellowship Church Leaves MS Behind

Robert Scoble, the Microsoft evangelist of all people, points to a blog entry on Fellowship Church's move from Microsoft based internet solutions to open source. Brian Bailey listed the reasons for such a move on his blog. Just a note, Fellowship Church is the fifth largest church in the US according to Scoble's post.

It's interesting to me that Scoble would link to it. I can see him sending out an internal email about it, but by putting it out there for everyone to see, he's giving a lot of people good reasons to leave MS behind when it comes to web based solutions. Bailey has some outstanding reasons for the move. Microsoft has a lot of work to do to overcome the 10 reasons that Bailey lays out, and Scoble's pointing to those reasons publicly will give a lot of other businesses and organizations the reasons they need to switch before MS can catch up. Nerd Vittles has an entire series on how to do all the same stuff on any Macintosh without paying for any software.

One thing that I found interesting as I was poking around was that Scoble had sent the Channel 9 Guy to Bailey for a visit. This is one of those little foam mascots that gets sent around the world for pictures to be taken in various places. Bailey had commented somewhere that he was a big fan of Microsoft's, yet the first picture he took of Channel 9 Guy was of Guy sitting on his Apple Powerbook! With fans like that...