Sunday, April 17, 2005

DA Carson and the Emerging Church

Dr. Carson, a prof at my denomination's seminary, will be releasing a book on the Emerging Church in a couple of months. In anticipation of this, Andrew Jones has posted a few blog entries. Interestingly, it seems that Dr. Carson has not spent a lot of time reading the blogs of Emerging Church leaders, and that's where the vast majority of the discussion is taking place. A number of people are basing their opinions of the Emerging discussion on the few books by Brian McLaren. McLaren is one small voice in the discussion. The bloggers are actually carrying a lot of the discussion. This is a good thing. The bloggers are public and can be held accountable in a public way. That level of accountability is important. The bloggers post regularly, helping the discussion move forward quickly and still be open along the way. In short, check out Jones' open blog entry to Dr. Carson. Note that Dr. Carson doesn't respond. This means that he either doesn't know about it (which is sad since Jones is one of the leading Emerging bloggers) or he doesn't want to take the time (meaning that his criticisms are meant to be critical, not profitable).