Thursday, April 14, 2005

Nathan's Special Legs

I took a measurement of Nathan's thighs this evening. He has always had legs that were solid muscle and bigger than normal. Tonight his thigh measured 15" in circumference. If you recall, this is a boy who is almost 3 1/2 years old. To give you a sense of the size, my thighs are 25" in circumference, and my forearm at its largest point is 13" in circumference, and I'm 6'3" and 250 lbs. Needless to say, we talked about how he can use his "special legs" to please God. God has obviously given him a very special gift with his legs, so he needs to learn how to please God with his legs.

Nathan loves to run. Even though he weighs more than a lot of kindergarteners, he can still keep up with a lot of five year olds in a running race. Someday we'll have to rent Chariots of Fire. We have a lifetime of teaching Nathan how to please God with those "special legs."

Originally posted at The Dad's Group.