Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Tiger Roars!

Microsoft Monitor is giving Apple Computer a huge edge over Microsoft on the operating system front (Mac OSX vs. Windows) with the upcoming release of Apple's Tiger (coming to a store near you on April 29th). Some of the items that Microsoft has been touting for their next operating system (originally due a couple of years ago, but now due next year at the soonest) have been dropped, but Apple is already including them in Tiger. The search features in Tiger are supposed to be awesome, and RSS is being added to Safari (the Apple web browser--I'd say its equivalent to Internet Explorer, but none of the web browsers out there are that bad). Hey, maybe I'll even switch back to Safari with that addition--who am I kidding, I love Firefox! Still, Apple is showing some serious new features that will make Windows users drool, and they will all be built into the new operating system. So, to those of you who have already switched, congrats, and check out Tiger as soon as you get the chance. To those of you using Windows? I'm sorry. :)