Saturday, June 25, 2005

Problem Solved!

Friday was my last day of work at Zion. It was also the day we solved a long standing problem. A social worker who works with the formerly homeless population in one of our buildings was supposed to be entering data in an online database. The first time he logged on, all was good, but he could never log in again. When we got him a new computer, the same thing happened. Friday I took my Mac to his office because we had learned that the registry in Windows was getting changed after that first log in. Since the Mac doesn't have a registry, logic told us that he should be able to log in without a problem. After getting all set up, we found out that the Mac had the same problem, it could only log in once, and then it was denied access.

Obviously the registry wasn't getting changed since there isn't one, so now we had a better handle on the problem. I should note, however, that our outside computer consultant had hooked his Windows laptop up to the same cable as the social worker's computer, and had no problem at all logging in multiple times. We also did not have any trouble logging in multiple times from our main office where the computers are exactly the same and the set up was the same.

It turned out that we had a double router set up, and by switching the router in the office to a switch, our problem went away. So, why didn't the consultant's computer have any trouble? Why didn't the main office (where there is also a double router setup) have any trouble? It was all very weird, but now the problem is solved. It was a good way to leave!