Monday, July 04, 2005

A Little House History

We spent the evening at my parents house and arrived home just as the local Fourth of July Parade was ending. Since we live two blocks from the start of the parade route, our block is always full of cars belonging to people watching and taking part in the parade. Many people were walking down the street on the way back to their cars as we pulled onto the street. A couple of elderly ladies were in front of our neighbors house, but since I was pulling into our drive, I didn't pay too much attention. As we pulled into the garage, Jill commented that she thought one of the ladies was from our church. She was right. The lady with her was her sister and they had been looking at our house as they walked by. We stopped them and started talking. They told us that they thought that their grandma had lived in the upstairs of our house back in the 1920's. Since they weren't sure, we invited them in. We took them to the front stairs, which still has the original wallpaper most of the way up. Sure enough, ours was the house. We talked for a while and walked through the first floor and looked at the back stairway because that was the stairway that they had used the most often, and their grandma had had a cat that used to sleep out on the back porch all the time. We had a wonderful conversation and were very grateful that we had taken the time to call our friend's name as she walked by.