Saturday, August 06, 2005

First Computer Build

I "built" my first computer yesterday. I ordered a new motherboard, RAM, and video card and installed it in an old box I had. I even installed Windows. We have a bunch of old Windows-only games for the kids, but we haven't been able to get a computer stable enough to run them. Had to go all new components to make it happen. And yes, the $250 for the components and OS was a lot cheaper than going with a new Dell, at least, for the power we got. Dell doesn't even offer AMD processors, the last I checked, so out-powering Dell was pretty easy, plus we have a separate video card, admittedly low grade, but that saves us eating into the RAM that we installed. I set it up to Fold and I'm getting great results. I do think I'll pull a fan out of another box, though. This baby is running a lot warmer than the Macs in the house so it'll need a little more cooling power if its going to last.