Tuesday, September 27, 2005

$500 for Proof of a Mac Virus

That's right. Wil Shipley, co-Founder of Delicious Monster (makers of the incredible Delicious Library) is offering $500 to anyone who can prove that a virus exists for Mac OS X. Wil is a bit tired of all the people out there who are afraid of saying it like it is. The most recent was an article that called the Mac "relatively virus-free." Um, zero is relatively less than, say, ANYTHING!! Most of us are still using no anti-virus software on our computers...Mac users that is. Windows users had BETTER be using anti-virus software. Add to that the fact that I just cleaned off a computer for one of my employees (their personal computer, not a business computer) and pulled over 300 pieces of malware off of it in my first check (with outdated malware definitions, no less!).

So, anyone need $500? Too bad you won't be able to get it this way!