Thursday, September 22, 2005

First Quiz

I just finished my first quiz in my stats class. Like I've mentioned, stats really isn't that great as far as online classes go. I'm thinking a classroom is a better way to take it. Anyway, I came into my office to take it since I had a four hour window in which to take it, but I can't quit and log back in later. Since I needed some peace, the office at night was a good place to be. I logged in on my pc at work, but brought my laptop (iBook) along so I could access notes that I had on my network at home while taking the quiz (online classes do give open book tests, of course). So here I am in the middle of my quiz, using Internet Explorer on a pc, when all of a sudden I'm getting little windows popping up telling me that IE is blocking a pop up. It shifts the entire page as I'm typing and makes it rather difficult to focus on my school work. Is there a reason IE tells me its blocking a popup?!? If I wanted to know, I wouldn't BLOCK them!! Next time I'll use the iBook for the quiz and just copy my notes onto the pc so it doesn't have to go online. I had thought about using Firefox, but this was too important to take a risk since I have to use a spoofing extension in order for Firefox to log on. Safari works just fine, so next time, Safari it will be.