Saturday, October 08, 2005

Jordon re: Graham

Jordon Cooper has a lot to say about the recent controversy surrounding Franklin Graham. I'm not so sure I agree with Jordon in some areas, but its a great post and worthy of taking the time to read. In the big picture view, though, I think Jordon is right. Evangelicals tend to have an Old Testament view of God. That's why we get upset when the Ten Commandments are taken down by a court ruling, but we never even attempt to put up the words of Jesus (seems like another blogger was commenting along those lines recently, sorry about not linking, I don't remember who it was! Let me know and I'll edit the post with the link). Of course, the words of Jesus are a bit more radical. It's easier to put up "Do not murder" than it is to put up Matthew 5:21-22. Life starts getting a little more tricky when confronted with the words of Jesus. That OT stuff is just a bit less wordy and easier to reinterpret to our own benefit.

Anyway, check out Jordon's post and take the time to read it.