Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Should I Say Anymore?

Due to time constraints and a bit of frustration I haven't been blogging much lately. I was thinking about staying out of "religious" posts altogether due to the frustration aspect (uh, NO, I have never suggested or hinted that McLaren is God, I haven't even said that I agree with him on everything...especially since I've read relatively little of what he's written...sheesh, where did that come from?!?). But, there's so much good stuff to be found in the "Godblog" world. So, without any comments from myself, I recommend a few reads.

Very brief interview with Campolo and McLaren in Leadership Magazine Blog
How do we view people around us
Attractional vs. Incarnational
Taking Criticism
A Joke
I Reject
Whenever I'm in the mood for a long and thoughtful post, I go here
Polarisations (spelled by a Brit)
Beautiful Bob, no, not me
It ain't just the Assemblies of God (oops, an editorial comment slipped out

Have fun!