Saturday, October 08, 2005

Walking With Wounds

Tonight at Borderlands, Pastor John spoke about how we view major issues in life. He talked about how God does not bail us out of our troubles, but when we seek the wisdom of God (James 1), He allows us to see the troubles from His perspective. It's like putting together a puzzle. When someone decides to put a puzzle in the wrong box, its nearly impossible to complete it because you're looking at the wrong picture. We do the same thing when we face troubles in life.

This tied in very well with something Jill was just reading to me from Scot McKnight's book The Jesus Creed. In it, McKnight was talking about the fact that God redeems us even with our wounds. Even Jesus carries the wounds of our sin forever, He was not healed of those wounds. Perhaps that is why God does not simply come in and bail us out. He allows us to experience trouble in life so that we can carry those wounds with us; they make us better at representing Him.