Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Building a Train

In the midst of one of my busiest weeks in a LONG time, I'm spending a few minutes sitting in the living room with the boys while they play with their Thomas trains. Yesterday was a twelve hour day, today will be at least that much. Friday will end the week with a certification exam. I have to be in Sycamore, IL by 7:30 AM on Friday. Throw in some time to study before the exam, and this week is nearly non-stop. Of course, Monday will start off next week with a full day of meetings in Chicago. I'll finally get to my first meeting of the Advisory Council at the Federal Home Loan Bank. I'm looking forward to meeting some great people involved in affordable housing in many forms.

Until today really gets moving, its great to spend some time hanging out with the boys, especially since they hadn't seen me since I dropped them off at Mom's Day Out. Of course, it is a bit odd, now that I'm typing this, to have been a dad dropping off kids at Mom's Day Out, but that's an issue for someone who's insecure. ;-)