Friday, February 03, 2006

Favorite Blog

It's easy to love a guy who worked on the Macintosh back in the 80's, but Guy Kawasaki has one of the best blogs out there. Almost every post I read is one I want to remember. If you don't know Mr. Kawasaki, he was one of the first corporate "evangelists." The product he evangelized for was the Macintosh. In fact, he was so sold on the product that he still lists it as one his passions today, 20+ years after its release. Here he posts on recruiting new employees, something I'm not doing now, but I'm sure I'll have to do sometime in the future. Great tips if you're currently recruiting! And here he discusses the art of schmoozing, something that I'm really not very good at. This one will come in handy almost every day. I took one of those tests that determine if you're an introvert or extrovert. It's been quite a while now, but I'm not sure I've changed a whole lot. I landed right on the fence between the two. I think it was scored 1 to 100 and I was at a 49. If anything I've moved a bit more to the introverted side of life in the passing years, but I doubt most people would realize that.