Sunday, February 06, 2005

Super Bowl Thoughts

I posted my thoughts on the day from a dad's perspective over at The Dad's Group. A few additional thoughts go here:
For some weird reason, I found myself cheering for the Eagles. I'm not sure why. I actually don't care at all about either team, so I can only come to two conclusions. First is that I have a natural bent for NFC teams outside of Cleveland; second, I hate when one team constantly dominates like the Pats have been doing.

The commercials are not worth watching the game for. The Cadillac commercials reminded me of a radio spot I heard while living in Minneapolis for a summer..."(Name of motorcycle)...0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds, (name of motorcycle)...0 to 60 in 4.1 seconds, name of motorcycle)...0 to 60 in 3.9 seconds, Minnesota Red Oak...60 to 0 in 0.0 seconds." The best commercials were done by the end of the first quarter (with the exception of the soldiers returning home, but see my comment on that over at The Dad's Group). If you were watching the game for the commercials, you could have quit after the first quarter.

This was a game worth watching (commercial free). This was an outstanding game, almost as good as the Rams vs. Titans a few years ago when it came down to the final play.

Paul McCartney does a much better half-time show than Janet Jackson and whoever the rapist was on stage with her.

iTunes/Pepsi promo is officially underway, so I guess I'll be drinking lots of Pepsi products for the next few months. Please feel free to save winning bottle caps for me if you won't be using them.

Terrell Owens is one VERY tough man.

The Mac mini should have been advertised during the game. There is no way that Apple couldn't have produced the best commercial during this game.

The pre-game show was almost as good as the second half commercials, but not quite. They do a better job on a typical Sunday during the season than they did tonight.

Where was John Madden? Who is Joe Buck?

Tomorrow I get to go to work, just like I did last Monday morning.

Anheiser-Busch makes pretty good commercials, if only they weren't using them to sell overpriced poison.

I didn't mind the Patriots winning the game. It was a very good game, so I would have been happy with either team winning simply because they both played well.