Saturday, March 26, 2005

Fellowship Church, Again

As a follow up on my post the other day about Fellowship Church in Dallas, I've been following some of the many links on Brian Bailey's blog. I had noticed at the time of my original post that Bailey had been visited by Robert Scoble, the MS evangelist (and one of the most popular bloggers around). Tonight I found the comments that each had made about the visit. Scoble's take on things is worth a read from an IT standpoint.

There is a tendency within churches to focus on a very limited number of things, and most of them are program related, benefitting primarily the members of the church itself. Scoble points out how Fellowship Church utilizes technology in powerful ways to promote the mission of the church. It not only is very visible when a person walks in the door, but it is also very powerful in allowing the church to function smoothly and efficiently while still retaining the all-important people contact.