Friday, March 11, 2005

Southern Drivers in Northern Winters

We got a bit of snow yesterday, less than an inch, but in the heaviest part of it, I pulled up to a traffic light. The car in front of me was a little convertible from Florida (and yes, he had the top up). I hadn't seen a convertible, even with the top up, in a few months. I can't imagine the guy was enjoying the day, though. Driving a car from warm climates in the northern cold is always a bit humorous to many of us cold-weather folks. The stories we can tell...

Ok, here's one. My roommate from Dallas brought his new car to school for the second semester at Wheaton (in the Chicago suburbs). The first time I went with him the temperature outside was about 15 below zero, literally. We had been driving for a few minutes and I wondered out loud why his car seemed to be getting colder rather than warmer. I looked down and noticed that he had the air conditioning on full blast. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?" I turned on the heat and turned off the air. He said, "Hey, don't do that, I've got to get the window cleared, and the temperature inside has to be the same as the temperature outside!" Uh, yeah...Don't know about the ice in Dallas, but in Illinois ice doesn't melt at 15 degrees below zero.