Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Evangelical Environmentalists

We were just watching an ABC evening news piece on Evangelical environmentalism. It was interesting to see Rick Warren taking a stand that Christianity should take a stand for the environment. It was sad to see the president of the Southern Baptists say it wasn't important because his "constituency" didn't think it was. For some reason, it seems a bit odd that a religious "leader" would allow the constituency to determine what was right rather than the Sacred Text. If you really believe that God has revealed His will through the Bible, then refer to that as your source of Truth, not your "constituency." Rick Warren, on the other hand, seems to be taking the Bible more seriously than ever, of late, taking stands on social issues that are often not talked about in Evangelical circles. Issues such as poverty in Africa and now the environment. Its good to see that type of leadership. Remember the WWJD (What Would Jesus Drive?) campaign led, in part, by Evangelicals for Social Action (disclaimer, I have been a member of ESA for several years now) with their sister organization Evangelical Environmental Network? Good to see someone a bit more mainstream talking about these issues too!!