Monday, February 07, 2005

Napster Super Bowl Ad

The Mac web is mocking the Napster ad from the Super Bowl for finishing dead last in the USA Today poll. The irony, and I've seen far from all the Mac web articles about the subject, but I've only seen this obvious point once, is that Napster's ad tells people to do the math. 10,000 songs on an iPod equals $10,000. Unfortunately, it's Napster that ought to go back to school. 10,000 x $.99 per song = $9,900. Sorry Napster, even if I bought all of the music on that iPod, I still wouldn't pay the $10,000 you claim. Of course, having a bunch of cd's means that I will pay far less to fill up that iPod. But then again, I don't want to fill up that iPod with music, I may also want to use it as an external, portable hard drive and transport files with it. So, my options are much more varied than Napster's bad math leads people to believe.