Tuesday, February 08, 2005

On the Board

Today I was shocked when I was elected to the Board of Directors for the Rockford Area Affordable Housing Coalition. I've attended occasionally with a co-worker who was a board member. He had to resign since he joined the Board of the Statewide Housing Action Coalition and he only has so much time in a day. That left an open spot on the board and I was nominated. Two other nominations were also made, so I was very surprised when I was elected. It's a very good thing, though. I'm very much looking forward to getting more involved. I've never felt a need to be very involved due to my co-worker's involvement, but since he was stepping out of the coalition, I would be attending all of the member meetings anyway. This just gives me more involvement. This puts me in two area-wide organizations. I'm also involved with the Winnebago County Lead Poisoning Prevention Coalition (or something like that, once a name gets more than three or four words, it gets harder to remember). I've been a little more vocal/involved with that group as well, and I'm hoping to work on a website for them once my Mac mini arrives. Anyway, two good groups with a lot of potential.